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"It's really hard in our business to maintain something," the 6-foot-1 actor admits.

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"He's jealous," she giggles to a friend as they watch him glower at the boy she's been teamed with in 10th-grade science class.His behavior will later be less adorable when he fusses if she wants to spend time with family or friends, or when she wants a burger but he wants her to have a salad. Domestic violence experts who describe scenes like this say the progression is predictable. is startling: The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence says 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence during their lives.They’re invariably flogging PPI or persuading you to switch energy suppliers. Now new observational docusoap The Call Centre (BBC Three) gave us a glimpse into the weird world of the telesales industry. If anyone was the butt of the joke, it was the boss – and comedy is more palatable when it’s punching upwards rather than down.Wilshire’s mantra was “Happy people sell”, meaning he foisted enforced fun on his 700 staff. He gave out group hugs and encouraged practical pranks. Wishire was only a few scripted gags away from a Steve Coogan creation.Among 10 Things to Know: Pakistani death toll in Islamic State group attack on shrine rises to 80; Trump not the first president to have acrimony with the news media; Indonesian family, friends describe 'nice girl' implicated in Kim Jong Nam case.

He splashed out £500 setting up a speed-dating night, warned off the company Casanova (a slimy South African called Dwayne) and sent her off on a wholesome cake-making date with a quieter, more suitable chap.

Admin assistant Kayleigh had been dumped by her dastardly boyfriend so “Uncle Nev” went to extremes to cheer her up.

His attempts at “banter”– throwing missiles if anyone yawned at his self-aggrandising speeches, yelling at people to “get out!

” when he’d finished with them – fell awkwardly flat.

The young man is so attentive that his young partner blushes, equal parts embarrassed and pleased that he wants her to himself.