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Thera consists of the top part of a caldera of a huge volcano, the central part of which is submerged, and today the steamers sail into this central part and hover inside the volcano, while the tourist buses then crawl up the zigzag road to the present day rim on which the idyllic modern tourist resorts are situated.

Frescoes are the source of some of the most striking imagery handed down to us from the Minoan civilization of Bronze Age Crete (2000-1500 BCE).

Most likely the Minoans imported copper from Cyprus.

So far we have omitted the big problem of Minoan chronology, the problem of the dating of Thera.

It dispersed tephra throughout the Eastern Mediterranean and might have led to global climatic impacts.

Its deposits on Santorini consist of up to 50 m thick layers of white pumice and ash.