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COMi made these change in my registrar, my website seem to be working fine but my email still goes to BELL server, the change has been made for over 5 days.someone have a clue ? COMWhois Server: whois.Referral URL: » Server: NS1. From time to time, you’ll have to make changes to your DNS records.For example, if you change IP addresses, your DNS A records will change.Dreamhost is about to renew my hosting contract, but I think I am already paying for hosting at Weebly. I don't want to pay twice for hosting, but am trying to ensure that my site and my email address will work without Dreamhost. Will my site still be alive and hosted by Weebly if I cancel Dreamhost? Will my email address ([email protected]) still work, and if so, what do I need to do to set it up? I still will need to renew my domain name through Dreamhost, right? Or can I take care of that through Weebly now, also? --Diane Here is what "Whois" tells me about my site: Domain Name: TEDDYNFRIENDS. This service allows you to define the parameters of your cloud shared hosting plan and experience most benefits of business-grade cloud SSD hosting at a very affordable price.This is a type of shared hosting, but unlike the regular shared hosting plans that run on physical servers, these are based on a virtual cloud server.

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module=change_hostname - Hostname (Server Settings - Change Hostname)hostname: (Every server has a main domain, for example:, you have to configure this based on that, usually i add "srv1." before my main domain, example: svr1.- also should be registered already and you should have control of it, otherwise your emails are going to be sent with an invalid hostname- I also recommend you to add an A record to your DNS based on your hostname, for example: svr1. (your server IP address that you are configuring)- Never add " or "www"- Always add a sub-domain to your hostname like "srv1." or whatever you feel right (don't forget the "." on your sub-domain).- Make sure you don't mess with this configurations, because it's going to ruin your email configurations.------/index.php? :-) I purchased my domain name and original hosting from Dreamhost. Later I created a web site with Weebly, and "pointed" the domain over (I think that's what it is called). Either way you check your domains authoritative DNS you should always remember, if you don’t update DNS in the right place it wont take effect.This could mean your websites won’t load properly and can cause unnecessary downtime.module=bla-bla-bla------I'm using dynadot as my DNS provider, so i have to configure this (if you are using other DNS provider, please take your time to ask them what should be your DNS domains):index.php?