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Nowadays, dating seems to be easier when people can communicate through many tools including Internet.

Online dating shy guys

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But sometimes, all a dude needs is a girl to coax him out of his shell – and there’s no reason you can’t be that girl!

In order to date a shy guy, you need to be patient, confident and willing to do some work.

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I believe the answer to this question really depends on the severity of the shyness.

Due to this, I’ll discuss different degrees of shyness and then give my opinion on what should be included in the dating profile given the degree of shyness. There are social rules that men are expected to follow that makes being a shy man detrimental whereas being a shy woman, even to a great degree, has little or no affect on the chances for that woman to date or marry (see Dr. If you’re a shy woman and you want to list being so in your dating profile, that’s fine.

If you don’t want to list being shy, that’s fine too.

Finding and approaching women as a shy guy is incredibly difficult.

I can count on one hand the number of girls I actually approached to ask out on a date in high school.