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Updating sys servers

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This renaming process is also needed for changing the server names called inside of SQL Server too.So I searched to know various places from where we can get host name and SQL Server name.The ALTER SETTINGS permission is implicitly held by the sysadmin and serveradmin fixed server roles.For more information, see Server Configuration Options (SQL Server).If you change the physical server name, there is no need to re-install SQL Server to reset the physical server name.You can follow the below steps to update the SQL Server system metadata which stores the physical server name in sys.servers.The below solution works for default and named SQL instances on a standalone machine (non-clustered).Also, you need to follow the steps for each SQL Server instance on the machine.

This means that by default, all logins can view all linked and remote servers.Let us learn in this table how to change server name?Finally, I formed this query which can gather same details from various sources: SELECT HOST_NAME() AS 'host_name()', @@servername AS 'Server Name\Instance Name', SERVERPROPERTY('servername') AS 'Server Name', SERVERPROPERTY('machinename') AS 'Windows_Name', SERVERPROPERTY('Computer Name Physical Net BIOS') AS 'Net BIOS_Name', SERVERPROPERTY('instance Name') AS 'Instance Name', SERVERPROPERTY('Is Clustered') AS 'Is Clustered' Most of these server properties have been there for a while and sometimes I think it requires a refresher like this to remember them again.To restrict visibility to these servers, remove the default login mapping by executing sp_droplinkedsrvlogin and specifying NULL for the parameter.If the default login mapping is deleted, only users that have been explicitly added as a linked login or remote login can view the linked or remote servers for which they have a login.The value in provider_string is always NULL unless the caller has the ALTER ANY LINKED SERVER permission.