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Aretha Franklin knows a thing or two about R-E-S-P-E-C-T — and she doesn’t care how long she has to wait to get it. fully well knowing what she was doing,” Franklin said Tuesday.

The legendary diva on Tuesday re­ignited a five-year feud with fellow singing star ­Dionne Warwick over comments Warwick made at the 2012 funeral of Whitney Houston. The 75-year-old “Respect” singer spoke out one day after sending a long, detailed fax to the media airing her years-old grievance with the 76-year-old “Walk On By” chanteuse.

We've featured Franklin a number of times over the course of her relationship with Wilkerson, but the December 1986 interview ranks among the best. FRANKLIN: I think I'll want coaching more than anything else. "HACKETT: The way you say it, that would be enough. FRANKLIN: I'm writing some things for Wayne Newton. I knew he had horses, so I called him about that, and then as we were talking I asked what record company he was with and he said he wasn't under contract to anyone. FRANKLIN: I don't know but she certainly did enjoy "Amazing Grace." I sung that and "My Shining Hour."HACKETT: When did you first hear yourself called Queen of Soul?

Not only is Franklin wearing a tremendous '80s get-up (shoulder-padded sweater, hoop earrings, and all), the interview is full of esoterica. FRANKLIN: I went to Lee Strasberg's in New York for, oh, two days. And of course, my ex-husband [Glynn Turman] taught acting and I sat in on all of his classes. HACKETT: Weren't you going to do something in a Stallone movie? My security people kept saying, "Haven't you seen him yet? HACKETT: Your sister Carolyn once said that you used to get in fights defending her in the schoolyard. Clive Davis, the president of Arista, recently said he'd let me produce three projects, so one of them will be Wayne, and then two people I've selected locally here in Detroit.

Aretha Franklin had moderate success as a recording artist on the R&B singles chart dating back to her first top 10 hit "Today I Sing the Blues" in 1960.

However, she had only briefly visited the top 40 on the US pop chart in 1961 with a version of "Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody" that peaked at #37. "I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)" produced by Jerry Wexler at the Muscle Shoals Sound Studios in Alabama, became the first of a string of six consecutive top 10 pop smash hits.

The singer has just announced her engagement to beau William Wilkerson. Okay, I was interested in buying some thoroughbred horses to run. Lady Di wasn't married to Prince Charles yet, but she was there, and the Queen Mum, and I found them to be warm, genuine kind of people.

The song became a fourth top 10 pop hit for Aretha Franklin and gained fans among a new generation in 1983 when it was included on the multi-platinum soundtrack to the hit film Released in late spring 1968, "Think" became Aretha Franklin's seventh top 10 pop hit in less than two years.Don't worry, Aretha, you were never overtaken in our hearts. She recorded her first gospel record on the Chess label at age fourteen, and at eighteen she was signed to Columbia Records by producer John Hammond. She was born in Memphis, Tennessee, where her father, the Rev. During her seven years with Columbia, she polished her technical skills, combining her own gospel training with jazz and supper-club style. This was all in the CBS building on 54th and Broadway, where the Ed Sullivan Theater is. I'd spend a couple of hours with [choreographer] Cholly Atkins, and then I'd have lunch and then spend a couple of hours with my vocal coach, Leola Carter, and then, yes, if there was somebody hot at the Apollo I'd go there. Watch Video Purchase / Download A #1 on both pop and R&B charts, "Respect" is arguably Aretha Franklin's signature song.The song was written and first recorded by Otis Redding in 1965.It’s just that these songs represent some of the greatest recordings in the history of soul music. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (1967) A child prodigy who began singing in her father’s church aged 12, Aretha Franklin made her first record at 14, but after six fruitless years on the Columbia label, she cut a frustrated, unfulfilled figure.